Awlays Hire Comedian Before Stripper

By | 2016-09-16

A couple of days off site with your company or group – all meetings broken up by lunch, dinner, and cocktail hours? It’s great, but the event can be brought up a level by injecting some planned entertainment so why not hire stand up corporate entertainment. (Unplanned entertainment has it’s charms, but sometimes leads to job loss.) Specifically, it’s best to find something labeled corporate entertainment ideas. – as this will fit into your event better with people that understand the sensitivities and the culture. Comedians, magicians, strippers, etc don’t always get how a corporate event is different than working at a club.

But there are comedians and magicians that do understand the difference. Strippers are another story. Specifically Brian Longwell did a gig years ago for some airline pilots and they hired him and a stripper. He politely insisted that he go on before the stripper. They agreed. But the stripper got there early so she went on first. As he suspected, this wasn’t a good strategy for the overall success of the entertainment.

DJs are a popular choice for after dinner, but this depends on whether spouses are present and the inclination of your group. Motivational speakers – eh. Fake/entertaining ones yes. (See my video clip)

When talking with a comedian or magician about being your corporate event entertainment, make sure they have had appropriate experience in environments similar to one you will have for your event. And if you have more than one form of entertainment for your corporate event, pay attention to how the order will affect the total experience. In a manner of speaking, always put the strippers on last.